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Hello. I am Kr@zyKitty. Welcome to my mind!

First off, you know you'll have to pass inspection!

"Attention!" "Suck in that gut!" "Your uniform's missing a button! "Such sloppy posture!" Okay you pass come on it. :)

Welcome to my mind. Though it's a bit chaotic, I hope you'll find your stay enjoyable! Your tourguides for today will be me, myself, and Eye. They do alot of bickering, but just try to ignore it and have fun anyway!

Music is something that's always here. Without it, I think my mind would shrivel up into a little raisin and die.

Cats are everywhere in my mind. If you're allergic, sorry, you may want to leave.

"When I saw you for the first time/ you were hanging with a thief/ And I knew my hands were dirty,/ And I dropped my gaze./ Then you said I was forgiven/ and you welcomed me with laughter./ I was happy ever after./ I was counting the days/ when you'd come back again"

Jesus is the best part of my life. He gives me joy unspeakable and a reason to live!

Okay for the rest of my mind...I hope you'll respect my privacy and don't invesitagate the doors marked TOP SECRET. Here it is:

Sometimes in the middle of the night I get these major bursts of energy. I feel like going outside and running but if I do that I know I'd get in trouble because my dad would catch me he's such a light sleeper and I always get caught if I do something bad. Even though that's not really that bad. So I do acrobatics on my waterbed for a while. I like to fall backwards onto the bed. When you do that if you're stiff at all it hurts like crazy but if you totally relax it feels like a hug. I like the feeling of limp. Not too much--but every now and then just the feeling of totally relaxed limp. And up-side-down. My bed is one of those that's high off the ground so I can do up-side-down. Only after a while the blood rushes to your head and it gets uncomfortable. Limp is never uncomfortable. A couple of times I ahd an excuse to get out and run at night once to break up a cat fight and once because the neighbor's AC was shooting blue sparts in the air. Both times were great! All this is really weird because in the day I'm sooooo... laid back. Sometimes I fall asleep, well alot of times especially in class. But at night I'm wide awake and if that's not enough my dad insists that I sleep at night and wake in the day!

I'm supposed to be 16 but I don't always act it. *G* Sometimes I make a little blanket fort like I used to do years ago and get a bunch of balloons to protect myself from invaders and make bracelets under the fort.  My cat likes a fort.  He comes and plays with my bracelet.  He's so sweet.

Now I probably sound like a happy jumpy person to you because when I am writing this I am happy jumpy but normally I am sedate. And I hate that word but it describes me perfectly.

Now I am going to tell you a little secret. I hate myself normally. In fact, I want to kill my normal self. But that's not what it sounds like. You see, I want to die to the weak selfish, greedy, shriveled, grasping, miserly, stupid flesh, and live in the Spirit. I want to die so I can live! NOt just be a slave to self all the time. So it is an ongoing process trying to kill myself so I can truly live. I couldn't do it at all without Jesus! He gives me strength to do this, but I still ahve to choose to use that strength. I know I don't try hard enough. Everytime I will to overcome the flesh, I give in to it's selfish desires. But one of these days, I'll get it licked.:)

Okay the thoughts have traveled elsewhere. My imagination is huge!!!  I try to reign it in but it runs away with me often.  For that reason you'll find me daydreaming a lot.  Right!  Write!  I love to write!  It gives me a way to get rid of troubling thoughts, to announce ideas to the world, to bring my daydreams to life.  I have this slight problem...I need focus.  I will go off describing this character or playing out a scenario and forget all about the plot.  But recognizing the problem is the first step to solving it! And I'm taking Creative Writing this sememster at school!  So anyway, back to my imagination, anyone who imagines the letters jumping off the page and dancing around on a math test must have a lot of imagination.

As for style, I'm me.  I tried for a while to fit with the crowd but I realized it's useless.  And I'm much happier being me.

So that is my mind!  I hope you enjoyed your stay now the door is right there so get out now!!! I mean now!!! Ta-ta!

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