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Rachel's Creative Home Page

Hi, and welcome to my web site! It may have been a while, but I'm back to updating my page regularly, and you're gonna see a lot of improvement soon. I just added a bunch of new links. I'm about to add a creative writing section so watch for it! In here, you will find information about me, some cool stuff to read, info on why I'm a Jesus Freak, and lotsa other cool stuff. I'm constantly updating, so bookmark my page and return often!!! I hope you like it! Oh, and please sign my guestbook and give me any criticism or suggestions.

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Hey! I got an award!

Last Updated: 3/25/99
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1997 Rachel Jorgensen
Everything in this page is the sole property of Rachel Jorgensen(except the images). The images aren't anybody's, but all written material (unless otherwise stated) is mine!!! The one exception is the picture of me in the about me section. That belongs to me!!! If you want it, take it though, I dont care. Why anyone would want to steal a pic of me is beyond me, though. :) Plagerisers shall be cursed. Plagerize my work and you will smell like rotten cheese for the rest of your life! Ha! I called you a dung beetle! Ha!

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