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Well, here's my poems. Come back often. I'll update the list if I write more.


Under the current of satisfaction,
Comes a measure of disappointment,
And the faint but sure attraction
Leads you to your divine annointment.

While the blood flows red,
And the prophets write.
See the living dead,
And the stain bleached white.


Glittering diomands hang suspended in a field of velvet.
A comet flashes by.
The moon smiles on a sleeping world.
A nightengale soars past.
A filmy cloud drifts by the moom,
Covering her with a hazy warmth.
The velvet is fading to an indigo hue.
The first blades of golden light
Shoot up like a torch's flame!
The moon shudders in terror.
The hateful sun shows his face.
The rooster crows--
The world awakes!
The alarm clock sounds--
The cruel day breaks!
The beating sun ravages the earth,
Until the moon returns,
And all is quiet, once again.

God's Love

What's in a leaf and a bird and a song?
What keeps the world from going all wrong?
It's found in a flower or poem or tree.
It's the love of a Maker who created you and me.

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