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Dweezil B

Once there was a dung beetle name Jimmy. Jimmy wasn`t like other dung beetles, though. He, instead of eating the dung like other little dung beetles, would go and bang on the dung and try and keep a rhythm that was always in his head.

Later in his life Jimmy's parents got worried with him playing with his food all the time. So they sent him to a place called Charter. That was the place parents sent there dung beetle kids who weren`t quite right in the head.

The first few days there were scary for Jimmy. He didn`t know anybody and they were doing all kinds of strange tests. But, as time progressed he met a dung beetle by the name of Phil. Phil was sent to charter for eating to much and burping show tunes.

So Phil and Jimmy got together an started harmonizing but it didn`t sound quite right. In fact, it stunk. So Phil had an idea. "Let`s get my buddy Dingo", said Phil. So Phil and Jimmy went to Dingo, who was sent to Charter for been real ugly, and his sister Rachel, who was there because she kept making fun of Dingo and making faces at him until her face froze in that position.

Then Phil, Dingo and Jimmy went and did a tune, but it still wasn`t right. So then Dingo had an idea. "Lets go get my friend Greg", he shouted. So Phil, Dingo and Jimmy went to get Greg.

Greg was sent to Charter for being real quiet. So than Phil, Dingo, Greg, and Jimmy did a number they all knew, but it still didn`t sound right. Than Greg had an idea. " Lets get some instruments", murmured Greg. That`s what they did and it sounded good.

So after that they got out of charter and started recording. Their first album was called POOP: IT`S WHAT`S FOR DINNER with there smash hit "Can`t Buy Me Dung" and "Rachel in The Sky With Dung" they followed up with HARD DAYS DUNG with it`s hits "Hard Days Dung" and "Love Me Poop" and the rest is history!!!!!!!

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