The Well

Time to fall
Deep down in the dark well
Soft clean water enfolding me
So black it's impenetrable
And I know that it's wrong
And I know how I long
To sink deeper and deeper
And I trust the water
It surrounds me protectively
Distorting light and sound
And I cannot see whether it's day or night
But I know I'm safe even without light

Trust the black water
As you sink deeper
Breathe deep
Breathe in the poison
Fill your lungs with liquid
And watch from below
As you and I unify
Your consciousness dissolves...
I've been sinking for months
And I haven't hit the bottom
And I know it will never stop
And I like it
Darkness gets only darker
I still see nothing
Feel only soft cool water
I trust it
I know that I know that it will never hurt me
Never pain me
Never leave me
Only join me

Breathe, Breathe
I feel myself dissolve
Breathe, Breathe
Swallow the poison
Death looms nearer now
Gaping below me
Reaching out
To tenderly pull me close
Water flows through me
Into me
The new me
In darkness I can truly see
Death is my friend
And fear does not exist
When I've sunk this far
And life is pointless
Now I'm at the door

Trust the darkness
It means no harm
The darkness will love you
Caress you
Hold you
Breathe Deep
Deep from the water above you

I feel the life seep out of me
A smile upon my face
I thrust myself forever
Into death's sweet embrace.
Spin Away