Living In A Fugue

The changeling landscape unfolds in front of me
I'm ignoring those mortals affected by banality
Exploring a new world that exists in my mind
Laughing at mortals, blundering about as if blind!


I'm living in a dual world.
I lie back and soak up sweet life,
While banality zooms past at the mortal breakneck speed.
They ignore the reality swimming around them.

I see its curled tendrils caressing their skin.
As they crush the sacrificial flowers beneath their feet,
The sweet incense flows up to their nostrils.
They sneeze, and continue on their way.

What a mystery!
How can these mortals not see?
Focus, and the invisible becomes tangible,
But their eyes have been trained to be blind
To the dimension that affects them the most!

See the colors of life!
Open up to the Spirit
Wheels within wheels
Time is a dimension like any can be bent.


The spell has been broken.
Enchantment's up.
Mortal eyes focus on physical farce again,
But there's an itching in the back of her mind.

Deeper Dreaming

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